jan 22 RAM Glam Re-Thrashers:80's Metal Extravaganza 

A resurrection of the spirit of 80's rock and metal. The night opens with a gig featuring bands representing different 80's metal sub-genres and continues with a rock clubnight featuring songs from the 80's! Wear spandex (or denim and leather), increase the volume of your hair 1000% (or wear a wig) and join the 80's metal party until 3am!!!! :D 


























Sunderland's finest Thrash/power metallers have developed a loyal underground following and cotinue to tour extensively, playing shows in every corner. Impressive musicianship and stylistic nuances mould together to make this band ideal for an 80's metal line up. They feature powerful lead vocals that might be at home in one of the early thrash metal bands, or perhaps even a power metal band. Loud fast drums, guitar solos galore, solid bass playing and a friendly attitude have earned this band a strong reputation across the UK underground metal scene.

Glasgow-based Disaster Area resurrect the Hair/Glam Metal personality of the 80's. To fully appreciate this band, you should increase the volume and height of your hair consideraby ;) Their songs are catchy and you may find yourself singing along to them.

Aberdeen-based Thrashist Regime prove that some bands need to decide on a particular style and go for it 100%. Being influenced by 'All beasting thrash', they deliver what their name promises. They are well respected as a local band, being signed to local label, Fat Hippy Records and their live shows are full of energy.

AU RAMsoc Band
An all-star lineup from Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society(RAMsoc) will open the night with a selection of songs from the 80''s.


Rock and Metal DJ's will be playing most of the nights songs from the 80's. In addition, a few songs may be from the early 90's or late 70's by bands that sound like they could be from the 80's, or more recent 80's revival bands - all of which will help create a fun atmosphere. 

Criteria for assessment include size and volume of hair, use of authentic materials (spandex, denim, leather etc) and general 80's awesomeness.


Tickets £5 advance (£6 on the door / £5 in 80's dress)

Advance tickets available from
-Skiddle (with booking fee)
-Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society committee members


Halloween Event @ Slains 

Live Performances


Wish You Were Floyd @ Krakatoa

Pink Floyd Tribute

More Info

Fortnightly Meetup @ Krakatoa

Formerly known as Moorings

More Info

Fortnightly Meetup @ Krakatoa

Formerly known as Moorings

More Info

Rock and Metal Party @ Bos'n

+ RAM Rock Night @ D2

More Info

Fortnightly Meetup @ Krakatoa

Formerly known as Moorings

More Info

RAM Rock Night @ D2


More Info
oct 29  Halloween Extravaganza! Rock and Metal Party 



























On the Thursday before Halloween, Slains Castle Aberdeen is getting taken over by Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society and AU Circus Society for a special event featuring live bands, circus and fire performers, acoustic acts, a beer pong tournament, various silly games, prize for best fancy dress and more.


Deadfire have been gigging heavily for the last few years. Their music is heavy and resists pigeon-holing into only one category. Their live show will rock your socks and you will have fun :D

You WILL like this band. They describe their music as 'stoner chunky groove' and are guarenteed to bring you a solid live performance.

An all-star lineup from Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society will be playing songs from various sub-genres of rock and metal.

AU Circus Society will be breaking up the evening with circus and fire performances.

BILLY JACK (acoustic)
Billy Jack will be providing an acoustic set, contrasting with the heavier sounds of the live bands.


It's Halloween, so dress to impress. You may even win a prize :D

Can you eat 10 lemons in 2 minutes? Various games will break up the night and keep it interesting.

Are you good at throwing ping-pong balls into disposable cups? If so, you could be just the person to win this tournament :p

Want to be transformed into a scary clown on the night? No problem. Facepainting is a serious business and we've recruited a Grey's student of the fine arts to paint the faces of anyone who dares turn up without a costume :p

DJ's from Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society will be providing the soundtrack between the bands and at the end of the night.

The Halloween Extraveganza will be happening in the upstairs part ofSlains Castle Aberdeen. With paid entry, you will be entitled to exclusive drinks deals, available only at the upstairs bar of Slains.

People say there's no such thing as a free meal - definitely not true here :p The buffet will however be going out before the kitchen closes (maybe around 9pm), so arrive early to avoid disappointment.


Tickets £4 advanced, available from the bar in Slains Castle Aberdeen(from next week) and from Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Societycommittee members.

Sep 9  Freshers Fayre 2015 - welcome new members + freshers events


Last year's freshers was immensely succesful for Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society. This year we aim to repeat the sheer epicness of last year. :D :D :D





























Wed 9 Sep - RAM Freshers Meetup @ Krakatoa (formerly Moorings)


Fri 11 Sep - RAM Freshers Meetup @ Krakatoa (formerly Moorings)


Wed 16 Sep - Fortnightly Meetup @ Krakatoa (formerly Moorings)

link tbc


Fri 25 Sep - GIG: Skilton @ Krakatoa (formerly Moorings)

link tbc.


Wed 30 Sep - Fortnightly Meetup @ Krakatoa (formerly Moorings)

link tbc.

Nov 12   TONIGHT!!! Rock and Metal Night Out @ Slains + Underground + RAM Newsletter

Come along tonight and join us at Slains Castle, Belmont Street. We have reserved an area which is on the ground floor, diagonally opposite the main entrance. We are supposed to be getting cheaper drinks on the night, as well as a free buffet.


After midnight, we are moving onto the popular Crash Clubnight at Underground Club, Bridge Street.


Facebook event:


If you didn't receive the email newsletter, you can read it here. Alternatively, please let us know and we will add you to our mailing list.


RAM Newsletter 14/11/14: TONIGHT!!!​! Rock and Metal Night Out @ Slains + Crash

Nov 12   Re-Freshers + 2015 events

Just confirmed our first event for 2015. It will be on Friday 23rd January in Korova Bar. We will have our own DJ playing rock and metal requests and we are aiming to an event similar to the awesome Rock and Metal Party we held on Freshers Week. Put this date in your diary and tell your friends.


Later in the evening, we will move onto a booth in Crash @ Underground, just like on Freshers Week.


More details and 2015 events to be announced soon.

On Friday 14th November, we are holding our main society event in November. More details can be found on our facebook event.

8pm - midnight: Slains Castle, Belmont Street

Come along to Slains Castle on Friday for the main November event for the Rock and Metal Society. We have reserved an area in Slains, which is diagonally opposite to the left of the main door. There are some benefits of being a member at this event.


  • Free buffet at 9pm

  • Cheaper drinks via a wristband given out on the night


Midnight - 3am - Crash @ Underground

After midnight, we are moving on to the popular Crash Clubnight at Underground Club on Bridge Street. We have reserved a booth in the upstairs area, across from where the ticket booth/cloakroom is. If you are a member you should have an AAA Society Card (if you don't, please let us know.) This will get you in for free on the night.


  • Free entry to Underground Club using AAA Society Card.  

  • 20% off food/drink in Korova Bar (relevent for future events)

  • Free food on Wednesday at Korova 12-5pm


Here are two flyers for our events till the end of the year (we might add one more event)





















Nov 11   Night Out this Friday + New Posters/Flyers
Nov 10   Newletters: November

Here are some more of the newsletters that were sent our in October to our mailing list. Hoepfully we can begin to keep this website better up to date.


RAM Newsletter 4/11/14: Bonfire Night Meetup - Travel Arrangements


RAM Newsletter: 10/11/14: Rock and Night Out. THIS FRIDAY!!! + Christmas Party

Oct 29  Newletters: October

Unfortunately, we haven't managed to keep up to speed with updating the website recently. Here are copies of the newsletters that were sent out to the society mailing list in October.


RAM Newsletter 29/10/14: Halloween. Bonfire Night. Do you play bass or drums?


RAM Newletter 15/10/14: details about event last Friday + election info


RAM Newletter 7/10/14: October Events + EGM Election Info

Oct 5 -  Rock and Metal Party - Venue Change + List of committee Positions for election at EGM
Venue Change - Rock and Metal Party (Oct 10) will now be held at Underground Club (use Windmill Brae Enterance)


Due to circumstnaces outwith our control, we are now holding our Rock and Metal Party at Underground Club. Previously, we were supposed to hold it in Korova Bar, but we have been forced to move to a difierent venue (in the same building). All other details about the event remain unchanged, but we have to move a few floors downstairs.


In order to attend our Rock and Metal Party, you must enter Underground Club via the enterance on Windmill Brae, down from To-Go takeaway and near a set of yellow flags. The main enterance to Underground Club on Bridge Street Will be closed at this time.


Our Rock and Metal Party will run 8pm-11.30pm until Underground Club opens for Crash Friday Clubnight. After this time, we have reserved a booth in the upper floor of Underground Club (where we had a booth on freshers week). The feedback we received from members suggested this arrangement worked well last time, so we have chosen to repeat it.



Committee Positions for Election at Extraordinary General Meeting
(8-9pm on Oct 10) at Underground Club


At the beginning of our Rock and Metal Party at Underground Club on October 10th 2014, we will be running elections in order that some new people may join the Rock and Metal Society Committee.


The committee makes the decisions about what the society does and the main part of the committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is usually in March. It is however important to get new people involved throughout the year in this to bring in fresh perspectives and in order that there are plenty of people to take on the main committee positions next year. Our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) provides the opportunity for new people to get involved in running the society.


The committee positions we are putting up for election at our EGM are as follows;

  • Vice President

  • First Year Rep

  • Web Admin

  • Graphic Designer

  • Minion


Vice President

The Vice-President will be expected to attend and participate in committee meetings. They will be nvolved in ther unning of the society from the front line by planning and attending events.


First Year Rep

The First Year Rep will be expected to attend and participate in committee meetings. This is a god way to learn how the running of the society works. It is important the society is reresented by students from all year groups on the society committee and the First Year rep can bring the perspective of new stuents to the committee


Web Admin

We curretly have a website, as well as facebook, page on the AUSA website and we send out regular emails. Taking care of this is time-consuming for the existing committee members and it would eb good to have some additional hep for this. knowledge of html is not required as we used a free website-builder to make our website.


Graphic designer

To date, we have managed to produce a range of flyers and posters. This is however time-consuming and we would like to do more of thi sthan we are currently able to. Our Treasurer, Andrew McBain has produced most of our flyers nad posters so far. If necessary, he will be able to help prospective candidates learn how to produce print-ready PDF's.



A minion is an ordinary committee member who doesn't have a particular set of duties formally attributed to them. Instead, a minion functions as a general helper.

Sep 26 -  October: Rock and Metal Party @ Korova + more

Here it is! We have booked a floor of Korova for Friday 10th October for a Rock and Metal Party. The event will be similar to the one we had last time and will feature resident DJ Major Facial Hair playing as many requests as possible. Inflatable sharks and other animals will be ordered again :p


From 8-9pm, we will also run the society Extraordinary General Meeting, where a number of new committee members will be elected. More details on that tbc.


October 2014 Events:


Wed 8 Oct: Fortnightly Meetup @ Moorings


Fri 10 Oct: Rock and Metal Party @ Korova


Sat 18 Alestorm @ Garage + Moorings afterwards


Wed 22 Oct: Fortnightly Meetup @ Moorings


Fri 24 Oct: Diamond Head Gig @ Moorings

Sep 18 -  Update Flyer and Dragonorce gig tonight

We are in the process of planning more events for the coming months. Expect other events similar to what we did at Korova/Underground last Friday, a steampunk event, more gigs, a Christmas party and a Halloween party.


Tonight, we are going to Six Degrees North before and after the Dragonforce Gig at The Lemon Tree. Six Degrees North is on Littlejohn Street, which is just round the corner from The Lemon Tree.



Check out the facebook event page.

Sep 17   Freshers week - Major Success for RAM

We held two events during Freshers Week and they were both runaway successes. 


On Wednesday we went to The Moorings Bar, followed by Exodus. A lot of people turned up (maybe around 40), people quickly made friends and there was a lot of headbanging and general crazyness in Exodus afterwads. Check out the photo album on our facebook page.




















Above: Unintional crowd surfing in Exodus. David fell over and several people 'helped' him up. End result was crowd surfing and being told off by the bouncers.


On Friday, we held a Rock and Metal Freshers Party in Korova Bar. Most people came back from Wednesday, as well as a large number of regulars and other people. This involved an inflatable shark being thrown around a mosh pit, fireworks attached to free champagne and a lot of dancing and headbanging. Check out the photo album on our facebook page.


We are already planning a similar event for the near future.























Above: Crowd from Friday The inflatable shark may have been the star of the show but ended the night deflated.

Sep 8 -  Freshers Flyer and Societies Faire on Wednesday

We only have two nights of sleep before the Societies Faire on Wednesday. This is held at the Kings Pavillion at Aberdeen University.


We have equipped ourselves with 500 flyers, 200 membership cards, several posters, a 4'x2' banner, an inflatable seagull and inflatable guitars.


This is a really exciting opportunity for us to recuit new new member for the Rock and Metal Society.



Sep 7 -  Freshers is almost here

The societies faire is on Wednesday and everyone at RAM are really excited about it. We've ordered membership cards, a banner, flyers, posters, inflatable guitars abd even an inflatable seagull.


There are also some really good gigs coming up in Aberdeen which RAM are going to.


Dragonforce on 18th September @ The Lemontree.

Alestorm on 18th October @ Garage Aberdeen

Diamond Head on 24th October @ The Moorings Bar


Hopefully the number of high profile bands playing Aberdeen can be kept up throughout the year.

Sep 6   Website update-

We now have a domain name and this site is live. Tell everyone about 


Hopefully this increases the chances of us appearing in searches now.


The website has also been updated, including a new Alternative Guide section. Eventually this will be more detailed and include a list of local bands.


Aug 27  Alternative Alliance Tour 

Aberdeen RAM have teamed up with our counterparts in Edinburgh (EDG&R) and Glasgow (MORGUL) to bring you a three-day touring show across three cities.


It will come to Aberdeen on 20th September at Downstairs on Holburn Street.


The bands playing include Death Watch from Aberdeen, Winterlizard from Edinburgh and Pyre of the Earth from Glasgow. There will also be local support from each city.

Aug 26   Rock/Metal Freshers Aberdeen Guide 2014

Frehsers is less than 3 weeks away now for Aberdeen University students, earlier than in previous years. RGU is the week after, which means we get 2 weeks of freshers in Aberdeen this year. The Rock and Metal Society have created a list of all the alternative events in Aberdeen during this period, including our own. If you know of anything else that should be added to it, please let us know.


It is currently listed in a facebook event.

Aug 25   New Website

Hello, It's Mark, the RAM President here. I've just started making the website using wix. I've never ued wix before, so it's going to take some getting used to. It seems pretty easy to edit things but I can't work out how to group items so they all move together. If anyone knows how to do this, please contact me on facebook.

Aug 25   Upcoming Events

Just started creating this website and added some events to this.