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About Us

What is Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society?

Who runs Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society?


The Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society is a student society, affiliated with Aberdeen University Students Association. Everyone with an interest in alternative music and culture is welcome to join and attend our events, even if you are not a student.

We aim to bring together a community of people from within the alternative culture of Aberdeen and put on a number of events throughout the year. We meet at alternative venues in Aberdeen and also put on our own events.


Our society is run by an elected committee. Voting takes place at the Annual General Meeting which is usually in March, as well as an Extraordinary General Meeting, which is usually held in October.


-Committee Members 2015/16-

President - Dávid Krajnyák
Secretary - Amy Hodge
Treasurer - Isaac Robinson
Vice-President - Ross Valdas Krusna
Live Events Coordinator - Mark Chalmers
Promotional Coordinator - Augustas Buožius
Graphic Designer - Corina Red-cor
Web Admin - Noah Mehrabian
Web Admin - Robin Graf
Minion - Karstin Petersen
Minion - Matthew Stroemer
Minion - Ruby Arnold







The 2014-2015 committee is as follows;


Mark Chalmers



Victoria Wilson



Andrew McBain



Ross Valdas Krusna


First Year Rep

Viltė Maldžiūtė


Web Admin

Noah Altunian


Graphic Designer

Omar Al-Sanea



Ruby Arnold

Maureen Reid

Matthew Stoemer

Karstin Petersen


If you would like to get involved with the running of the society, please use the contact information on our website and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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