Alternative Guide to Aberdeen

Bars, Clubs and Venues

The Moorings Bar


The Moorings Bar is the longest established rock/alternative hangout in Aberdeen. It is situated near Aberdeen's harbour and has a pirate theme to it. The drinks selection is vast with numerous beers from around the world, as well as an extensive selection of Rums, Absinthe, Cocktails and other drinks you've pobably never heard of.


Friday and Saturday feature live bands, followed by a clubnight. The sound system is particular good in The Moorings Bar and bands often wish to come back to play there again. Wednesday night features Karaoke which we hold our regular society meetup at. You can use their jukebox on the other weeknights which has an extensive selection of music from many differnet alternative genres.


All students with NUS cards get a 10% discounts on drinks.

Pirates get a 10% discount on drinks (this can be mixed with the student discount).


Rock and Metal Society Members get half price entry at the doors to all gigs and clubnights.


Check out the moorings website and facebook page for more details.


The Moorings Bar opens until midnight Sunday-Thursday and to 3am on Friday and Saturday, which is the same time nightclubs can open to at the weekend in Aberdeen.

Korova Bar and Underground Club


Korova Bar and Underground Club host a number of nights relevant to those interested in alternative culture. Korova Bar is set across 2 floors and has a good selection drinks, including some craft beers and cocktails served in coconuts.


Underground Club has 2 rooms downstairs, which play different music and a third room upstairs with hirable booths and it's own bar.


Fridays at Underground Club is the Crash Clubnight, which involves alternative music, billed as the following, 


Rock - Metal - Classic Rock - Alternative - Heavy Metal - Crash Party Anthems and more!

New Music - Pop Punk - Punk - Hardcore - Dubstep - Alternative - Cheesy Rock and more!


They also sometimes host special events with guest appearances and contests. Check out the Crash Aberdeen Facebook Page for more details


Rock and Metal Society Members will receive a Society Discount Card which entitles members to 20% off food and drink as well as free entry 7 days a week in Underground Club


Check out Underground Klub Facebook Page and Korova Aberdeen Facebook Page.


Opening hours for Korova Bar and Underground both open until 2am Sunday-Thursday and 3am on Friday and Saturday but Korova Bar is also open during the day.



Exodus nightclub is situated on the historic Triple Kirks site and is housed above a bar, also called Triple Kirks ran by the same company as Exodus, which are both scream venues. If you get a yellow card, you get a discount on many of the drinks and door entry. This may be a reason why it has been popular with students for many years and a number of their clubnights feature alternative music. The drink selection has increased in recent years and is cheaper than most other places. Their facebook page lists their clubnights as follows,


MONDAY; 80s night with DJ Dave Milne. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT. 
TUESDAY; 50s/60s/70s soul, rock n' roll and disco with DJ Dave Milne. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT.
WEDNESDAY; HOT DAMN rock/punk/alt with DJ Craig Rigby. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT
THURSDAY; XO house, dub, electro, chart with DJ Jonny Kennedy. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT
FRIDAY; Indie/cult classics with DJs Dave Milne and Jonny Kennedy. FREE ENTRY until midnight, £3 after with Yellow Card, £5 without.
SATURDAY; Indie/alternative/rock with DJ Dave Milne. FREE ENTRY until midnight, £3 after with Yellow Card, £5 without.
SUNDAY: Pop, chart, classics with DJ Dave Milne. FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT.


Check out the Exodus Facebook Page and Triple Kirks Facebook Page for more details.


Exodus opens from 10:30pm - 2am Sunday - Thursday and 10:30pm - 2am Friday-Saturday.



Downstairs is a relatively new live music venue in Aberdeen run by an owner who is enthusiastic about supporting the local music scene. It was voted Best Venue in the first year at the local Fudge Music Awards.



Check out the Downstairs Facebook Page for more details.


The Tunnels


The Tunnels is a music venue which has 2 rooms (or Tunnels). It also hosts clubnights.


There are a lot of gigs that happen at The Tunnels.


Check out the Tunnels Facebook Page and The Tunnels Website for more details.

Cafe Drummonds


Drummonds is known as a music venue in Aberdeen but is also open as a bar with a late licence. It is now owned by the same company that owns The Tunnels. It is situated centrallly on Belmont Street.



Check out the Drummonds Facebook Page and Drummonds Website for more details.

The Lemon Tree


The Lemon Tree is an established music venue that brings in some medium-sized and larger acts to Aberdeen.


Check out the Lemon Tree Facebook Page and Lemon Tree Website for more details.