Benefits of Membership


Rock and Metal Society Events

Membership fees help support the running of our events.


If you a member, you will also get in cheaper to the events we organise. For example, on September 20th 2014, we are organising a gig which costs £5 to go to but £3 for members.


Discounts from Local Businesses
The Moorings Bar

When you join, you will receive a Rock and Metal Society Membership Card, which when presented with a valid student ID entitles you to the following discount at The Moorings Bar,


  • Discounted entry to all gigs at The Moorings Bar on any day of the week (typically every Friday and Saturday). £3 off gigs costing more than £10 and £2 off gigs that cost less than £10. Advanced tickets to select gigs are available from society committee members. You also must have a valid student ID card to claim this discount.

  • 25% off tiki cocktails

  • £3.30 RAM It Down Cockails (official society cocktail)


All students (not just RAM members) are also entitled to a 10% discount on drinks at The Moorings Bar, and this can be mixed with 10% pirate discount if you a pirate. Anyone can also get in free before 8.45pm for non-ticketed gigs (i.e. gigs that cost £4).


Bridge Street Social Club and Underground Club

Rock and Metal Society Members will also receive Society Discount Card for Korova Bar and Underground Club. This entitles you to the following discounts,


  • 20% off Food and Drink at Bridge Street Social Club

  • Free food on Wednesdays at Bridge Street Social Club between 12-5pm (if you buy a drink).

  • Free entry to Underground Club on every day of the week, including after midnight (much better than regular AAA card).
































Committee Elections at AGM/EGM

Every year, the society holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is usually in March. During the AGM, the main parts of the committee is elected by society members. In order to stand for an executive commitee position (President, Secretary and Treasurer) or to vote at the AGM/EGM you must be a student at the University of Aberdeen and a member of Aberdeen University Rock and Metal Society.


We sometimes also hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at another point during the year such as October. When necessary, additional members may be added to the committee through election at that point.

How to become a member


Where to Buy Membership

Membership can be purchased at the following places.

  • Through the AUSA website.

  • Till Points at the Freshers Fayre (when the Fayre is on, which is only once a year)

  • Butchart Centre Reception on University Road (throughout the whole year)



Joining through the AUSA website
(skip this if you plan to join in person).

If you join through the AUSA website, you will have to register an account.There are two types of AUSA accounts you can create.

  • Student Account

  • Guest/Staff Account


Student Accounts can only be created by matriculated students of University of Aberdeen. If you have a problem creating this (problems are not uncommon) you should create a Guest/Staff Account, even if you are a full-time matriculated Aberdeen University student. If you contact AUSA it may be possible to change this into a student account at a later date.


Anyone can create a guest/staff account and if you are a student of RGU or North East Scotland College, you will have to select this option.


Buying AUSA membership
(this applies to everyone)

In order to join any Student Societies, you must buy AUSA membership. You only have to buy AUSA membership once in order to join multiple societies. There are two types of AUSA membership you can potentially buy.

  • AUSA Student Membership (price £3)

  • AUSA Non-student Membership (price £8.00)


If you are a student at any NUS University or College (including Univeristy of Aberdeen, RGU and North East Scotland College), you should be elligable for AUSA Student Membersip, even if you have created an AUSA guest/staff account through their website.


Buying Rock and Metal Society Membership
(the reason you came on this page)

There are two types of Rock and Metal Society membership available on the AUSA website.


  • Student Membership (price £4) - this is available to all students, including University of Aberdeen,t RGU and North East Scotland College students.

  • Non-student Membership (price £4) - anyone can buy this.


Information about Non-Student Membership

There are some disadvantages of Non-Student Membership.


  • Some discounts do not apply to non-student members, such as the moorings discount.

  • Non-students must pay an additional fee to join AUSA (Rock and Metal Society membership is however the same for students and non-students).

  • Non-student members are not elligable to vote in AUSA elections or society elections.

  • Non-student members are not entitled to stand in society elections.


If you have read all this and are still confused. Please email us at